X-rays of flowers – weird, beautiful, weirdly beautiful

I found this set of X-ray photos of flowers by Hugh Turvey on the Telegraph website: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/science/picture-galleries/7922343/X-rays-of-flowers-by-Hugh-Turvey.html It turns out that Turvey is not the only person who has taken flower X-rays. Here is a set by Brendan Fitzpatrick:
Floral X-Rays by Brendan Fitzpatrick
and a set by Steven N. Meyers: http://www.xray-art.com/ but people had already thought of taking this sort of photos back in the 1930s:
A Radiologist’s X-Ray Photographs of Flowers from the 1930s
X-Ray Photographs From the 1930s Expose the Delicate Details of Roses and Lilies