Where would you like to go? – useful phrases for travel

Travel agent’s questions:

Where would you like to go?
When would you like to go?
Where would you like to stay?
What type of accommodation would you prefer?
How much are you prepared to spend?

Tourist’s questions and answers:

I’d like to go to the seaside.
What is the best season/time of year to go there?
How long does it take?
How much does it cost per night/ per person?
Which is faster/cheaper?
How can I get there from Kumamoto?
Where do I have to leave from?
Where/when do I arrive?

Asking for and making suggestions and recommendations

What’s your recommendation for an interesting place to visit?
Where’s the best place to try champon?
Where should I go to have a good sea view?

My recommendation is…
I suggest…
How about… ?

Miscellaneous phrases

several hundred yen
two and a half hours
Route 3 goes straight there.

At/on/in phrases

– in the daytime
– in the evening
– at night
– in the city
– in the countryside
– in the mountains (but on a mountain)
– at the beach/seaside
-on an island

I want/I would like

“I would like” is more polite than “I want”. You should normally use “I would like”, especially when speaking to people you don’t know well.

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