What did you do in Golden Week?

1. Phrases for asking about holidays:

What did you do in Golden Week?
– I went on a trip.
– I went home to my family.
– I went to my grandparents’ house in Kagoshima.
– I went to work at my friend’s hotel.
– I worked at my part-time job.
– I prepared for the lab seminar.

Where did you go?
– (I went to) Fukuoka.
– I went back home.

What for? (reason)
– To see Hakata Dontaku.
– To visit my grandmother.
– To stay with my friends.

How long did you stay?
– A few days.
– Six hours.

What kind of place?
– A Japanese-style hotel.

How did you go?
– By train
– By car

What is it like?

What kind of place is it?

2. Some vocabulary:

festival, countryside, relax, island, recently, visitor, customer, guest, poisonous, round, specialist, training, attack, carrot, potato, detective, murder, traffic jam, footbridge, pedestrian, specific, milk a cow, sales, cash register

3. What did you do in Golden Week? Please add a comment!!

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