First English Conversation Class! – Introducing yourself

1. How often do you do things?

I practise table-tennis every day.
I read “Jump” every week.
– every day 毎日
– once a day 一日一回
– twice a day 一日二回
– every two days 二日間一回
– every week 毎週
– once every two weeks 二週間一回
– every month 毎月
– twice a month 一ヶ月二回
– three times a week 一週間三回

How long do you play table-tennis every day?
(I play for) three hours.

2. Some words and phrases

many different kinds
How do you study English?
Next month I will be 22 (years old).
Have you been to Saga?
I’ve been through it (but I haven’t stopped there).
I can’t decide.
Do you like watching sports on TV?
The north of Fukuoka (福岡の北部)
North of Fukuoka (福岡より北の方)
I played tennis when I was at junior high school. (an activity that I’ve now stopped doing)
I have been playing sax since I was at junior high school. (an activity that I’m still doing)
Are you good at tennis?
I’ll challenge you to a game of table-tennis.

3. Questions
(a) Where do you come from? What are your hobbies and interests?
(b) Do you practise some kind of sport, musical instrument or other activity? How often do you practise it? How long do you do it for each time? How long have you been doing it for?

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